Difference Between a hotel and a motel

What is the difference in a hotel and a motel?

Is your bucket list even real if it doesn't include travelling to your dream destinations? The globe we live on is a diverse one with each place having its own unique existence and peculiarities. Every place you visit leaves you with cherishing memories and takeaways. While you indulge in travelling, it is also true that travelling is tiresome and can't be enjoyed to the fullest without some relaxation because that is what you seek for when you plan a vacation. 

No matter how old we're, we still love the idea of staying in a hotel room and enjoying the luxury it provides which is why most of us are very picky with kind of hotel/motel and the room we choose to live in for our tenure at the destination.  Few things that drive our choosing pattern include proximity to tourist attractions , facilities provided, complementary services, add ons, quality of food their restaurant has, so on and so forth. The questions that arise are which are the hotels near my location, hotels near me now, motel vs hotel, cheap hotels near me for the budget oriented ones, etc. 

Many of us don't have a clear picture about the difference between a hotel and a motel. While both of them serve the same purpose of providing accommodation to travelers and tourists, the major difference is that hotels relate to high rise buildings while a motel may have 3 or 4 stores. To know which suits your travel the best you need to understand the hotel vs motel concept and then begin Google hotels or motels in your location. 

The difference between the two gives them their unique set of USPS and appeal points for pax. A run through the following significant differences between a hotel and a motel will save you from the effort of deciding whether to choose a hotel or a motel. 
Difference between a hotel and a motel
Hotel vs Motels

 1.    Defining the two terms:
Hotels are establishments that provide accommodation facilities along with food, housekeeping and other facilities that make your stay convenient.  A motel is much like a hotel. The word motel is derived from the term "motorist hotel" which suggests that motels are accommodating establishments located usually near the highways for the passengers to halt and relax on their long road trips. 

2.            Price difference:
Trips, whether an informal or a corporate one cost you a lot and you need to keep a track of the expenses you incur. This is why most of us are keen on the price factor and are depending on now popular hotel booking sites that help us compare prices of hotels and lets us choose the most suitable one. 
Since hotels cost you widely, motels are generally considered to be economically better options. You can indulge in a relaxing stay by hurting your pockets a little less as you stay at a hotel. 

3.            Facilities:
Staying at a hotel/motel has its own set of perks that each one of us enjoys. When we choose a stay, we don't just consider the room but also the facilities that it promises along. After all, who doesn't love an afternoon dive in the pool or a recreational area for you and your kids. 
While many may claim that motels have lesser facilities as compared to a hotel, we tend to disagree with it. For instance, if you're traveling to Nashik, when you look out for motels and hotels in Nashik, you will come across Panchavati Sinnar Motels that is a wholesome motel which caters to every service that you can think of. In a stereotypical statement, hotels provide more facilities than a motel but in practicality the picture is different.

4.            Layout and Architecture 
One can easily differentiate between a hotel and a motel by simply looking at the way it is structured. They greatly differ in their layout and architecture styles. A hotel consists of a number of floors, elevators, corridors, stairs, etc. Whereas a motel has a more functional structure with ample parking space and which means utility of space is prioritized over appearance of the space. 

5.            Types of rooms:
As soon as we enter our room, the child within us wakes up and gives us the urge to hop on to the jump-y soft bed and hop on for another couple of times. Accept it or not we have all done it. 
Rooms are the most important part of a stay and cannot be left out while discussing the difference. A hotel typically has a number of rooms and a larger number of luxury suites that have ranges according to the no. of people it accommodates and the availability of facilities in it. A motel on the other hand has more no. of rooms and comparatively lesser luxury suites. 

There are multiple occasions on which we're unable to decide whether to live in a hotel or a motel during our short stay. In such cases, knowing this difference makes a difference.  When two terms are so different from each other, there is bound to be a commonality between the both too which majorly stresses on hospitality. Be it a hotel, motel, lodge or a restaurant, every place aforementioned you visit will have a foremost intention of providing the best quality of service to present its hospitality which is the base of this sector. 

Swimming pools, recreational area, restaurant, gymnasium, sauna, park, jogging track, 24*7 butlers and housekeeping are the highlights of one's stay and make the stay more enjoyable for a pax. Having these set a benchmark can enable a hotel/motel to outshine among its competitors and sustain in the long run. One is bound to select a place which happens to provide the maximum no. of facilities with upscale quality of service which explains that the level of service a hotel/motel provides gives an edge to its brand image and consumers perception of it. 

In the end, it all narrows down to the kind of your trip and the purpose you're looking to crash in a place for. If your search includes motel vs hotel, cheap hotels for me tonight,  holiday inn near me, find cheap hotels near me or cheap hotels near me this article is apt for you and will definitely add value to your choosing process.

Hotels and motels have been doing justice to their sector with the consistency in improving its service in the race to become the no.1 hotel/motel in a given area. This has changed the way people look at staying in a hotel/motel. One may plan a getaway weekend at the hotel/motel just to take a break from the hustle and bustle of life and relax in the umpteen facilities that cater to your stay. 

So, before you choose your stay, ensure you read the blog well and educate your acquaintances about the same by sharing our blog links with them. Planning a trip to Nashik or Sinnar and looking for an apt motel to stay in? Reach out to us and we'll explain how our venture will provide you with the best experience of a stay at a motel. If you like our blog, comment below and let us know what you would like to hear more about from us. 


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