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A Call Out To All The Back Packers : How Can You Ensure The Best Hotel Stay? People having a wanderlust are mostly back packers who like to travel without a lot of planning. The love for travelling is deep rooted. Travel enthusiasts have a passion for exploring new places. Age is no bar when it comes to travelling! Frequent travelers plan impromptu trips and seek the thrill. Hotel stay is a crucial part of the travel plan and you need to get the best hotel room to make your trip worthy!

Here are some handy tips to ensure the best hotel stay while travelling: Check For The Hotel Location When you reach your destination city, try to get to a hotel that is present in the central location of the city. This will make it easy for you to explore the city without having to travel a lot. This will ensure that the main tourist destinations are easily reachable and you will also have quick access to public transport.
Be Sure Of What You Are Getting At times, there are hotels that furnish deceiving inf…

Difference Between a hotel and a motel

What is the difference in a hotel and a motel?
Is your bucket list even real if it doesn't include travelling to your dream destinations? The globe we live on is a diverse one with each place having its own unique existence and peculiarities. Every place you visit leaves you with cherishing memories and takeaways. While you indulge in travelling, it is also true that travelling is tiresome and can't be enjoyed to the fullest without some relaxation because that is what you seek for when you plan a vacation. 
No matter how old we're, we still love the idea of staying in a hotel room and enjoying the luxury it provides which is why most of us are very picky with kind of hotel/motel and the room we choose to live in for our tenure at the destination.  Few things that drive our choosing pattern include proximity to tourist attractions , facilities provided, complementary services, add ons, quality of food their restaurant has, so on and so forth. The questions that arise are whi…

What are 3 star hotels?

Hospitality is one of the fastest growing industries in the world with people inclining more towards traveling around their favourite and popular destinations. It would be difficult to imagine traveling without hotels in place to accommodate us amidst our tiring journeys. From a budget hotel to a luxurious one, hotels are enjoyed by almost everyone. While some may prefer an economic option, others may choose a 3/5/7 star hotel. For the newbies as well as experienced, let's get an insight into the features and USPs of a 3 star hotel. Star ratings is a basic classification of hotels depending on their quality. Hotels are more than just the facilities they provide. Hotels have now become an experience for people. Stars are a fundamental measure used to rate the quality and comfort of a hotel. What may be rated 2 stars in one country can be rated as 4 stars or 6 stars in another. So the system of classifying hotels according to stars varies from one country to another. The classificat…

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5 Leisure Travel And Stay Trends 2020 The tour operators in the present times are promoting the concept of theme vacations. They are working on promotional strategies like offering exclusive treatment in vegan hotels, ancestry tourism and various other interesting options to give leisure traveling a millennial makeover. Similarly, leisure travel and hotel staying options have also evolved to be more affordable and comfortable for travelers.
These changes are setting certain trends that are going to be around us in 2020 and in the close coming years: Spiritual And Pilgrimage Travel Spiritualism attracts people because of the sheer peace of mind it offers. The idea of going back to the roots and finding solace in the places of religious importance certainly work effectively for taking a break from the routine daily life. Now everyone is inclined towards finding solace and to give in to the supremacy of the Almighty. Going to places like Trimbhakeshwar in Maharashtra or to religious place…

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A touch of nature, a break from the hustle of life. Choosing Sinnar as your next travel location opens doors to visiting nature & a retreat for you. Located in the heart of Sinnar, a town developed around a green city- Nashik, PanchavatiSinnar Motels is an ideal place to halt when you; re at Sinnar. Picturesque view, luxurious accommodation, proximity to local attractions and extraordinary facilities to explore within the motel let you and your family discover, relax and enjoy. Right from places of pilgrimage to nature's retreat, Sinnar offers a diverse and engaging range of sights to visit and rejuvenate.
After a tiresome day, the whole sightseeing experience in and around Sinnar is complemented by the luxurious stay you receive at Panchavati Sinnar Motels that makes your stay even more enjoyable than an exploration of the town. Panchavati Sinnar Motels lies among one of the best places to stay at in Sinnar. We symbolize luxury, class, and privilege. Be it a business trip or…