What are 3 star hotels?

Hospitality is one of the fastest growing industries in the world with people inclining more towards traveling around their favourite and popular destinations. It would be difficult to imagine traveling without hotels in place to accommodate us amidst our tiring journeys. From a budget hotel to a luxurious one, hotels are enjoyed by almost everyone. While some may prefer an economic option, others may choose a 3/5/7 star hotel. For the newbies as well as experienced, let's get an insight into the features and USPs of a 3 star hotel. Star ratings is a basic classification of hotels depending on their quality. Hotels are more than just the facilities they provide. Hotels have now become an experience for people. Stars are a fundamental measure used to rate the quality and comfort of a hotel. What may be rated 2 stars in one country can be rated as 4 stars or 6 stars in another. So the system of classifying hotels according to stars varies from one country to another. The classification of hotels according to stars was initiated by Forbes- travel guide in 1958. They analysed and evaluated the facilities provided and rated about 8000 hotels from 1 to 5 stars. They listed 800 facilities that a hotel can provide which formed the basis of classification of hotels according to stars. Basis this experience aspect, a 3 star hotel meets more expectations of the travellers as compared to a 1 or 2 star hotel. More the quality and number of facilities a hotel provides, more the number of stars its rating has. The Ministry of Tourism, Government of India has listed the necessary and desirable facilities to help the classification of hotels according to stars. To retain the status and rating given by them, the hotel is expected to maintain required standards at all times. Some of which are:

Full time operation:
A 3 star hotel is expected to be operational on all 7 days of a week in all seasons whatsoever. This is to provide guests with quality accommodation throughout the year. 

24 hour lifts:
In buildings higher than ground plus 2 floors, the hotel must have a 24 hour lift service to ease climbing the floors up and down for the travellers. 

Size of bedroom and bathroom:
The Bedrooms in 3 star hotels must be of a minimum 140sq.ft. in size excluding the bathroom area. The area allocated to the bathroom should be minimum 36sq.ft. This is to maintain the standards of space allocation for the guests.

Air conditioning
At least 50 % of the rooms in 3 star hotels are expected to be air conditioned so while entering 3 star hotels, guests do not have to worry about the temperature as they rest.

Bathroom accessories:
3 Star hotels provide its guests with finest of services right from making swans with towels to accessorizing the bathrooms. They provide a bath towel, hand towel, bath mat and toiletries to add convenience to the travellers’ stay.

Room Service:
In a 3 star hotel, the staff is present for 14 hours and the guests are provided a 24 hour intercom facility to contact the staff for any requirement that they have. 

Restaurant and Dining 
Hotels are incomplete without food and dining services. All 3 star hotels are mandated to have a multi-cuisine restaurant cum coffee shop. These should be open for at least 16 hours i.e. from 7a.m. to 11p.m.

All the containers and equipment used for serving at the restaurant or delivering to the room must be of food grade quality.

3 star hotels have a bar with proper seating to serve the guests with their choice of liquor. 

Parking facilities:
Most of the guests traveling have 4 wheelers which need to be parked well. For this, meticulous parking and valet services are made available in 3 star hotels so the guests can sleep peacefully without having to worry about their vehicle's safety. 

PC available for guest use with internet service:
The world is increasingly becoming more and more tech savvy. In such conditions, 3 star hotels provide you with the facility of computer and internet so your important work doesn't stop, no matter where you are.

Safety and medication 
3 Star hotels are sanitized well and provide a first aid kit with necessary supplies and over the counter pills to be your saviour in emergencies.

When travellers choose a hotel they trust it with their security. To ensure this for the guests, 3 star hotels have security guards on the guard all time as well as metal detectors(door frame or hand held) to avoid impermissible entry in the hotel. 

3 Star hotels have well trained staff to cater to the guests well. The front office staff is required to know and speak English in order to cater to foreigners and other linguistic guests. 40% of the staff must compulsorily be involved in supervision of services to maintain the standards. For the staff, the hotel must provide a restroom and a locker room. 
3 star hotels in nashik
3 star hotels in nashik

Apart from this, the hotel is expected to have proper pest control. Stamps and mailing facilities are provided so the guests do not have to go out and search for these. The hotel should accept common credit cards as a mode of payment. These facilities are listed in the mandatory column of 3 star hotels. Other facilities like swimming pool, butler, dry-cleaning, show cleaning, salon, florist, kiosk, business centre, conference room, etc. are desirable and depend on the choice of the hotel. The listing of facilities makes it easier for the travellers to choose a hotel basis this classification of hotels. Whether they're seeking to know about 3 star or 5 star hotel requirements, this classification paints a clear picture. These facilities don't alone make a 3 star hotel, what comes along is the commitment towards quality and satisfaction of customers. Right from the time you step in the hotel to the time you leave, they tend to provide you with an unforgettable experience which is customized to your comfort. The treatment you receive to the vibe the ambiance gives, 3 star hotels have it all to impress you and make you want to stay there for longer. As a guest of a 3 star hotel, you will receive upscale treatment with readily available staff at your proximity. At no point of time will you be left unheard or underserved. Creating an atmosphere of motivation to provide the guests with premium quality of service at all times is not an easy task which differentiates a 3 star hotel from 1 and 2 star hotels. Hospitality comes with warmth, generosity and welcoming attitude. These factors make the guests remember your hotel and make it a point of recommendation. Whether your hotel is rated with 1 star or 6 star, make sure your guests leave on a positive note and words of appreciation for the hotel. Traveling around creates memories for travellers, let's through hospitality add a few to their box and complete their experience of a perfect getaway and stay. If your hotel is hosting a guest, ensure your services are nothing less than the best. 


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