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Difference Between a hotel and a motel

What is the difference in a hotel and a motel? I s your bucket list even real if it doesn't include travelling to your dream destinations? The globe we live on is a diverse one with each place having its own unique existence and peculiarities. Every place you visit leaves you with cherishing memories and takeaways. While you indulge in travelling, it is also true that travelling is tiresome and can't be enjoyed to the fullest without some relaxation because that is what you seek for when you plan a vacation.  No matter how old we're, we still love the idea of staying in a hotel room and enjoying the luxury it provides which is why most of us are very picky with kind of hotel/motel and the room we choose to live in for our tenure at the destination.  Few things that drive our choosing pattern include proximity to tourist attractions , facilities provided, complementary services, add ons, quality of food their restaurant has, so on and so forth. The questions that

What are 3 star hotels?

Hospitality is one of the fastest growing industries in the world with people inclining more towards traveling around their favourite and popular destinations. It would be difficult to imagine traveling without hotels in place to accommodate us amidst our tiring journeys. From a budget hotel to a luxurious one, hotels are enjoyed by almost everyone. While some may prefer an economic option, others may choose a 3/5/7 star hotel. For the newbies as well as experienced, let's get an insight into the features and USPs of a 3 star hotel. Star ratings is a basic classification of hotels depending on their quality. Hotels are more than just the facilities they provide. Hotels have now become an experience for people. Stars are a fundamental measure used to rate the quality and comfort of a hotel. What may be rated 2 stars in one country can be rated as 4 stars or 6 stars in another. So the system of classifying hotels according to stars varies from one country to another. The classific