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3 star hotels in nashik

5 Leisure Travel And Stay Trends 2020 The tour operators in the present times are promoting the concept of theme vacations. They are working on promotional strategies like offering exclusive treatment in vegan hotels, ancestry tourism and various other interesting options to give leisure traveling a millennial makeover. Similarly, leisure travel and hotel staying options have also evolved to be more affordable and comfortable for travelers. These changes are setting certain trends that are going to be around us in 2020 and in the close coming years: Spiritual And Pilgrimage Travel Spiritualism attracts people because of the sheer peace of mind it offers. The idea of going back to the roots and finding solace in the places of religious importance certainly work effectively for taking a break from the routine daily life. Now everyone is inclined towards finding solace and to give in to the supremacy of the Almighty. Going to places like Trimbhakeshwar in Maharashtra or to re