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5 Leisure Travel And Stay Trends 2020

The tour operators in the present times are promoting the concept of theme vacations. They are working on promotional strategies like offering exclusive treatment in vegan hotels, ancestry tourism and various other interesting options to give leisure traveling a millennial makeover. Similarly, leisure travel and hotel staying options have also evolved to be more affordable and comfortable for travelers.

These changes are setting certain trends that are going to be around us in 2020 and in the close coming years:

Spiritual And Pilgrimage Travel

Spiritualism attracts people because of the sheer peace of mind it offers. The idea of going back to the roots and finding solace in the places of religious importance certainly work effectively for taking a break from the routine daily life. Now everyone is inclined towards finding solace and to give in to the supremacy of the Almighty. Going to places like Trimbhakeshwar in Maharashtra or to religious places in Uttarakhand, or visiting temples in the South of India are places where families and elderly couples and even some young people love to go to and this trend will continue.

3 star hotels in nashik
3-star hotels in Nashik

Destination Weddings

Traveling with family and friends to dream destinations for a wedding is a prevailing concept. Being at leisure while staying away from home and the workplace is certainly an enticing idea! You can find concepts like palace weddings, church weddings, resort weddings, beach weddings, etc. Heritage resorts or forts and palaces converted into hotels are being offered for stay and to perform rituals in the most romantic way while sticking to traditions.

Bleisure Trips

Online hotel booking experts reveal the emerging trend of leisure trips. The business combined with leisure! These trips are bringing together the concept of business trips and leisure trips. People on the move for work purposes usually plan these trips around long weekends so that they can fulfill both the purposes simultaneously. Since most of the portion of a leisure trip will be sponsored by the employer, the ideas of making great savings, having a fun time and to top it all, getting rewarded for good work are collectively making a very lucrative setting for the employees and business people. 


The concept of OYO rooms and AirBnB has found success, and so, the coming stay trends will certainly include Home-tels. The ‘home away from home’ phrase is going to be taken more seriously by the travel managers. These home-tels are serviced homes where you can enjoy complete privacy with family at a house maintained by professionals. The flavor of the new city in the form of local cuisine, an introduction to the culture of a new city and the feeling of living like a local in a new place come handy to the travelers looking for home-tels instead of big resorts.

Vegan Hotels

Hotels offering vegan diets or other diets promoting good health and sustainable diets are going to be the future of the staycation concept. These hotels will combine diets with other rejuvenating experiences like yoga centers and wellness spas, music rooms, etc. to be at complete leisure without missing on the fun and relaxation part. Fitness-focused stays are the reality of the coming times.

Luxury Bunk Hotels

This concept bridges the gap between hotels and hostels with a unique combination of affordable rooms along with creatively designed private pods. The excitement of staying in tents and the comfort of hotels also come together in luxury bunk hotels. These are likely to be modified further with balconies having arrangements for tent stay as well. So, if you feel like coming close to nature but without getting pushed to the testing limits, these modified places of stay are surely going to be in your search list. So, next time try searching for 3-star hotels near me, staying in a vegan hotel or luxury bunk hotel, you might get interesting options available in the cities of your choice.


With the environmentalists around, trying to influence the world to make it a better place, the travelers moving for fun are likely to find sustainable means. People in 2020 will surely be setting the trends that are going to redefine tourism, travels, and staycations. Staying in style, traveling but with multiple purposes and going back to the roots or seeking good health and peace are some of the stay and travel trends worth watching for in 2020.


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