3 star hotels near me

A Call Out To All The Back Packers : How Can You Ensure The Best Hotel Stay?
People having a wanderlust are mostly back packers who like to travel without a lot of planning. The love for travelling is deep rooted. Travel enthusiasts have a passion for exploring new places. Age is no bar when it comes to travelling! Frequent travelers plan impromptu trips and seek the thrill. Hotel stay is a crucial part of the travel plan and you need to get the best hotel room to make your trip worthy!

3 star hotels near me

Here are some handy tips to ensure the best hotel stay while travelling:
Check For The Hotel Location
When you reach your destination city, try to get to a hotel that is present in the central location of the city. This will make it easy for you to explore the city without having to travel a lot. This will ensure that the main tourist destinations are easily reachable and you will also have quick access to public transport.

Be Sure Of What You Are Getting
At times, there are hotels that furnish deceiving information about the hotel and the amenities provided. When you book a hotel room online or if you are checking in the hotel directly, make sure to check if all the important amenities are provided. A good idea is to check out the exact location of the hotel in Google Maps. Go through the hotel reviews where people might have listed their good and bad experiences before booking the hotel room.

Know What Is Important For You
If you are well aware about the type of hotel room you want to stay in and the amenities you want, you will be able to pick the perfect hotel room for yourself. Before you start looking for hotels, list down the amenities you need for having a good stay at the hotel. It might be things like free breakfast, free Wi-Fi, play area for children, swimming pool or gym facility, anything! Also determine the price you are ready to pay for the room. When you do this, you will be able to find a hotel room that has all the amenities you need and it is perfect for your budget as well.

Travel Assistance
Check if the hotel you are staying in offers travel assistance. The front desk should be able to help you out for travelling to the destinations you want to visit within the city. It will be a lot easier for you to explore the city. If the hotel staff is helpful in doing this, bookmark this hotel! You can stay at this hotel whenever you visit the city next time.

Ensure If CCTV And Security Is Provided
Check if the hotel has proper CCTV cameras installed at the important places. In terms of security the hotel staff should ideally check your ID cards for verifying your identity. In case any of your belongings are missing within the hotel premises, the security policies will help you to get the right assistance from the hotel staff. Similarly, having a medical center and first aid is also an important attribute for making your hotel stay comfortable.

Book Online
If you consider websites like Trivago and MakeMyTrip, you will be able to get better deals on the hotel rooms. Similarly, there are many other online portals and service providers that provide discount offers for various hotels. You might not get this offer if you book the hotel directly. Book in advance , book online and save money.

Check The Star Rating
Although the star rating should not be the only factor while choosing a hotel room, but it is an important one. Rating is given for a reason! A 3 star rating or a 4 star rating is good enough because it means that people who have stayed in that hotel have had a good and a memorable hotel stay. You can look for 3 star hotels near me to find out the best hotels with good ratings. If you are going to stay in the hotel room for more than 2-3 days, then you must consider the hotel ratings. Hotel ratings are a measure that portrays how the hotel has served its customers.

A comfortable hotel accommodation is a prime factor in making your travelling trips memorable. After exploring the city, you would wish to come back to a welcoming and cordial staff; therefore, your hotel room choice makes all the difference. If you consider the points mentioned above you will be able to distinguish your hotel stay from mediocre to unique and blissful.


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